Unleashing the
META Workstation

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your own way

Up to 20 possible layouts to
customize your drawers.

Space & charge supply
will never be
a problem again.

With the Meta Workstation you’ll be able to
store up to 108 small ink bottles or for bigger
bottles use the 33cm tall drawer.

Additionaly you can empower all your tools
and devices with 4 plug-ins and 2 USB ports.

Let’s get into the geek side.

Made out of the ultimate Steel DC01. 60 KG of pure durability.
So compact that fits every tattoo studio and pushes the
boundaries of your limits.

Forged for what’s next we welcome you to metamorphose.
Structure for change, we are the present, the future, the origin of transformation.
Meta is a unique tribe powered by the constant pursue for evolution and the thrilling passion to make awesome shit. happen.

More Space

No boundaries using
your medical tray.


Compact design to fit
all your gear in.


33cm tall drawer to
storage larger bottles.